The home town of Nite Stick and the focal point of most of the adventures in the comic. O'ville City is located in the North Eastern United States in Upstate NY. Known as the state's biggest little city, O'Ville is a thriving metropolis with small town values. Fun Fact, the city is most well known for being the home of the World's Smallest Court House.
This is the not so secret base as well as home for Nite Stick. A nice apartment located down town is where Nite Stick both watches his favorite TV show and also plans out his next adventure.
This is the offical vehicle of Nite Stick. This sleak car is custom made and loaded with features that not even Nite Stick knows all of. It can go from 0 - 60 in under 4 seconds and gets 120 miles per gallon! The top speed is currently unknown as Nite Stick hasn't had the chance to top it out yet.
A science facility located on the outskirts of the city, it is operated by some of the brightest minds around the country. While they are known for their state of the art dietary department the labs did make world wide headlines back in the 80's when a large explosion took out most of the facility and caused a radiation scare in the area. To this day no one knows for sure what caused this as the offical report only stated "A weather balloon had a bad case of swamp gas."
This is the favorite watering hole for all the heros of O'ville City. Opened exclusively for heros as a place to unwind with good company, enjoy a drink, and relax with no worries of all the hardships that come with being a hero on duty. In order to keep any villains or civilians from entering an ancient hero named Doctor Wondertastic put a spell on the building that only allowed heros to enter.
Turns out that there is life out there beyond the stars. Which means there is also evil alien bad guys and that's where the OJ Force comes in! This is an intergalactic space force tasked with tracking down wanted and escaped alien criminals. Recently a human from Earth has become the Force's first member and has helped Nite Stick deal with alien invaders.
The local comic book and toy store that also specializes in role playing card and board games. It is the favorite place for geeks and nerds of O'Ville City to hang out, cosplay, play RPG games, and read comic books. Often holds gatherings and events headed by the very friendly and over excited employee Carol Glee who is the crush of many young nerds.
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