More Shots Fired

February 17, 2019 in Issue 6
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More Shots Fired
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Author Notes:

The Pen February 17, 2019 edit delete
The Pen
"More Shots Fired" - Nite Stick is back! I had taken the week prior off to catch up on comics. I recently switched over to an overnight job and I am still trying to get used to the change. Mostly my time has been taken up with working , eating, sleeping, and repeating. The lack of free time made it difficult to draw and put together comics so I was hoping the time off would help me catch back up. It did, sort of. I do have the next few strips finished up and a few more story boarded out but while I continue to adjust to the shift I will be updating on Mondays only for the next several weeks. Hopefully I will be back to twice a week update again sooner than later. But at the very least I will be sure to keep the action going!

Also hey look at that, the cops shot at Nite Stick. Good reflexes though.