It's The Only Time Of The Year

January 3, 2019 in One Shot
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It's The Only Time Of The Year
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The Pen January 3, 2019 edit delete
The Pen
"It's The Only Time Of The Year" - There is only about a 1 week window when you want some snow. That is the week leading up to Christmas. Not a ton of snow, you don't want the roads to be bad, but you do want a nice blanket of white covering the grass and mud. Then on Christmas morning you look forward to seeing the lights bounce off the snowy ground as playful little snow flakes dance down from the sky! Then from December 26th on the snow can kiss off! But sadly it seems these days the snow is always a day late and a frost short leaving us only drive ways to be shoveled and Stickmobiles to be unburied.


It's my dream to make a comic like this...