Got Aqua?

December 28, 2018 in One Shot
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Got Aqua?
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The Pen December 28, 2018 edit delete
The Pen
"Got Aqua?" - Aquaman sure has caught a lot of flack over the years. Being seen by fans as the "guy who talks to fish" Aquaman has been possibly the biggest joke in the comics world. To be fair the way he is portrayed riding dolphins in the old Super Friends cartoon doesn't really help things. Over the years he has been re-imagined and reshaped from his edgy hook for a hand DCAU version to his summoning giant ass killer sharks in the Injustice games, DC has taken every route to show how bad ass he really can be. Now we have his solo movie receiving rave reviews and scores that is also being touted as the movie saving the DCEU along with Wonder Woman. Plus Jason Momoa is a damn bad ass in the role. Yes Aquaman has been a joke all these years but it appears that the time has finally come where the little kid drinking his glass of milk has turned into the bad ass we all want to hang out with. I hope Nite Stick has learned his lesson.