4:08 AM

October 19, 2018 in Issue 3
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4:08 AM
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The Pen October 19, 2018 edit delete
The Pen
"4:08 AM" - It's a good thing that the King of FNAF, Markiplier is helping our Sticked Crusader on his mission of survival. Only someone as skilled and knowledgeable as him would know the trick of making it to 6 AM. Well, him and maybe a few thousand 9 year olds with YouTube accounts. But now that the mission is clear, all Nite Stick has to do is survive a couple more hours. But it looks like Freddy's pals have shown up for the Halloween party too!

Artist's note: These animatronics in the background were my favorite things I have drawn in the comic up to this point. I actually added a lot more detail that was covered up by the wall as I drew them all basically head to toe. I've kind of jumped around with issues and 1 shots and mixed them up when I post them after drawing them so the art style is jumping around a little. I have since drawn a few things that were more of a challenge but these guys will always be one of my top favorites.