Issue 11: Page 7

November 2, 2020 in Issue 11
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Issue 11: Page 7
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Author Notes:

The Pen November 2, 2020 edit delete
The Pen
"Issue 11: Page 7" - And the concludes this year's Halloween special .....A couple days after Halloween. Hey if the Simpsons can get away with it then why can't I? I always do enjoy the holiday specials. They remind me of being a kid and enjoying the special TV episodes, movies, and comics that would come out around that time and cover you in the holidays. So I make it a point to squeeze those in with a dose of the cornyness we all come to expect. I'm not really sure if I will be coming back to the FNAF story again tho because I feel they lack the Halloween feel and there may be better options to explore next time. But there is no time to think about that now because there's less than 2 months left and 2 more Holidays to fit in!

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shastab24 November 2, 2020 edit delete reply
I think in the description you mean a couple days after Halloween. It hasn't even been a week after.
The Pen November 2, 2020 edit delete reply
The Pen
This was originally going up later but I moved it up and forgot to update the note. My bad!