Issue 11: Page 6

October 26, 2020 in Issue 11
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Issue 11: Page 6
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Author Notes:

The Pen October 26, 2020 edit delete
The Pen
"Issue 11: Page 6" - Man there are a lot of shadows in this one. I guess when trying to do the part of the FNAF game where all the power goes out before the big jump scare this is to be expected. I also like how Nite Stick is the one telling the story and he can make himself look any way he wants yet he still turns himself into the chicken who's getting scared in the dark. That's just good story telling though because clearly by making such a drastic change in personality he has everyone just where he needs them for this sweet jump scare. BOO!

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NeilKapit October 26, 2020 edit delete reply
Now that’s a nice last panel shot
The Pen October 26, 2020 edit delete reply
The Pen
thank you. I was pretty proud of it myself!