Guess Who's Back

September 7, 2020 in One Shot
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Guess Who's Back
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The Pen September 7, 2020 edit delete
The Pen
"Guess Who's Back" - Why hello again everyone! Look who's back again after a month long unexpected absence! So for those of you who are confused let me explain. I had originally planned on ending Nite Stick last month to begin work on a new web comic. I planned an open ended comic to go out on but just so happens that my tablet died on me around the same time. So I thought I would just start working on the new one when I got things up and running. But then my real life kicked into over drive and I lost all sorts of time and went weeks without getting any work done. However during that time I couldn't shake the feeling that it was wrong to end Nite Stick as the little guy has grown to be more than just a character to me. In the end I have decided to keep Nite Stick alive and bring the idea of the other comic into this universe as another hero for Nite Stick to play with. So now our boy in blue is back and ready for more adventures!

Also I wanted to mention that I have also decided to launch a Nite Stick YouTube Channel! Here I am planning to upload a bunch of speed drawing videos of certain projects I am doing. It could be issue covers, fan art, or art challenges. I would like to make some videos more interactive where I get ideas and suggestions from people to create new characters or Nite Stick fan mashes. So please check the channel out and hit that subscribe button!

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NeilKapit September 7, 2020 edit delete reply
Welcome back! Everything being on fire is a perfect metaphor for this year, and for those of us in California or with family in California (me being the latter), quite literal :(
Yeet potato September 8, 2020 edit delete reply
It is I. That one guy who has been reading for a while but decided not to comment.