Year Of The Bat

July 27, 2020 in One Shot
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Year Of The Bat
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The Pen July 21, 2020 edit delete
The Pen
"Year Of The Bat" - I hope this isn't TOO off topic as of this posting but I wanted to wait until Issue 10 was finished before sharing some Snyder Cut goodness. I was never one of those holding a picket sign demanding the Snyder Cut. I saw what Justice League we were given and liked it for what it was. I was not the biggest fan of Snyder's vision of heroes. BVS was a mess and his stance on Batman and Superman kills never sat right with me. I know that can be debated but I think these days what heroes stand for is not crossing that line and Batman to me is the flag carrier of that. Snyder's designs seemed too mangled to me and the concepts I saw of black suit Superman and bullet belt wearing Batman didn't excite me. BUT, the things I heard about Darkseid and Green Lantern being in his cut sure did. So yeah I am interested, yeah I am going to watch, but I'm not going to go in expecting it to be perfect. An experience? Most likely.

But the big take away is the two Batman movies we are getting in 2021. I am staying positive and hopeful of The Batman until seeing it and I am excited to see it. Honestly Ben Affleck is my favorite Batman since Keaton and was really sad he didn't get a solid run in the role so I am happy to see more of him in it. With Henry Cavill returning as Superman in some upcoming projects who knows what this all means for the DCEU Multiverse after this.

Man, that was a long one! Sorry!!

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NeilKapit July 21, 2020 edit delete reply
Respect for bringing up Batman creator Bill Finger as opposed to the other guy