Issue 10: Page 21

July 6, 2020 in Issue 10
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Issue 10: Page 21
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The Pen July 6, 2020 edit delete
The Pen
"Issue 10: Page 21" - Hey we have a name for our villain, officially. I bounced around a couple names but when Exmiss popped into my head I knew I had to go with it. Now I am not sure if it 100% makes sense because Miss in already single so maybe it should be ExMrs but she was never really married we are! But in any case, what a frosty villain she is and let's hope Peppermiser never finds out.

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NeilKapit July 6, 2020 edit delete reply
She could’ve spelled it X-Miss but that letter’s pretty thoroughly trademarked when it comes to supers
Flushmaster July 8, 2020 edit delete reply
In reference to the hover text, isn't the elf in question always upset, as an effect of his complex?