Issue 10: Page 16

June 1, 2020 in Issue 10
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Issue 10: Page 16
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The Pen June 1, 2020 edit delete
The Pen
"Issue 10: Page 16" - That Tech Guy Steve sure is a miracle worker. In just one night he designed and built a new suit for Nite Stick that will help him stand up to the evil ice powered villain who left him frozen solid. I think we can forgive him for not having the time to run ALL the tests, then again we weren't the ones turned into Stick Pops. This kind of reminds me of the scene in Ghostbusters where they are all in the elevator and Egon says he didn't have time to fully test the proton packs leaving them to test them in the field of action. I mean it turned out fine for those guys.

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David June 1, 2020 edit delete reply
"Why worry? Each of us is wearing an unlicensed nuclear accelerator on his back..."
NeilKapit June 4, 2020 edit delete reply
We’re not all like Tony Stark where we can just spend all day throwing billions at testing armors in our basement laboratories
Yeet potato June 5, 2020 edit delete reply
He's dead.