May 29, 2020 in One Shot
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The Pen May 29, 2020 edit delete
The Pen
"#ArtBattlePopCross" - So we have a special splash page update today. A couple of weeks back Pop Cross Studios made a colab video where him and another YouTuber created a team of 4 heroes to put up side by side to make it look like they are about to battle. Christian then asked his viewers to create their own team to put side by side with his and share it on social media. I've been a fan of his since early on in his channel so I definitely wanted to join in on the fun. If this looks familiar to you it is because I did share it on social media but I wanted to take the finished piece and create a Civil War style comic cover and post in here so maybe one day in the future when new readers are going through the comic they too can stumble upon it and enjoy it too!

Let me know how you think I did and how the drawing came out. Even if it's long passed the time of everyone doing it, if you think this would be fun go check out his video on it and try it yourself!

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