200 Bash

May 25, 2020 in One Shot
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200 Bash
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The Pen May 25, 2020 edit delete
The Pen
"200 Bash" - Holy smokes, here we are, my 200th post for Nite Stick! Originally I wasn't really going to do anything for it for a few reasons. I figured I already did 100 and my 1 year anniversary so maybe this milestone wasn't cause for much hoobabaloo. Then there's the real elephant in the room, not all 200 strips are full blown comic strips or even posts done by me! I have a few random posts in here on top of Issue 8 being 95% guest strips. But ya know what? The more I thought about it the more special it felt to me. 200 posts! When I started Nite Stick i had no idea how long I would keep it up before I either got too busy, ran out of any content, or just lost my desire to keep doing it. But here we are! Also, while a bunch of Issue 8 are guest strips all that means is for the first time ever I have enough friends in the web comic community where when I was off getting married they took time out of their own lives to help me out and draw extra comics just for me. And that is so amazing. So with all that said, here's a huge thank you to my readers new and old and random, and another to my friends Shane, Corey, David, Josh, Maroondrops (I still have no idea what her legit name is and it's not my place to ask) and everyone else at the Collective of Heroes who's been there for me. What do you say guys, shall we do 200 more?

Also I knew I had to use this occasion for some more Broman. It's become my favorite running gag so sorry to anyone new not getting the strip. If you're lost please hit up the archives and read 100, Year One, and the conclusion of Issue 9.

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MaroonDrops May 25, 2020 edit delete reply
Well well well, that's a pretty good looking group hanging on Nightstick's wall!
Happy 200, that's a huge deal! Here's to 200 more!

(I smell an intervention episode for Broman)

Again, congrats!
The Pen May 25, 2020 edit delete reply
The Pen
Thank you! Now a Broman intervention that sounds like an interesting idea!