Issue 10: Page 10

April 13, 2020 in Issue 10
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Issue 10: Page 10
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Author Notes:

The Pen April 13, 2020 edit delete
The Pen
"Issue 10: Page 10" - Wait who's this?! Another female on the scene? Poor Nite Stick, he has only had Liz to worry about this whole time now all of a sudden every he turns there's another lady there giving him some issues. Although lucky for him this one turned out to be quite the blessing. But, her outfit seems to imply our Sticked Crusader will have a few questions!

More about hour new female hero will be revealed soon. I am pretty sure everyone has a pretty good idea who she is but then again it's not trying to hide very hard. This character was designed by my wife some time ago. I was talking about some future story ideas and we both came up with this one with this character. In fact she has had her hand in a few things this issue. So if you hate any of it, it was her idea!

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