Issue 10: Page 5

February 23, 2020 in Issue 10
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Issue 10: Page 5
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The Pen February 23, 2020 edit delete
The Pen
"Issue 10: Page 5" - Once again the day is saved thanks to our Sticked Crusader, Nite Stick! Here we have a little look at the interaction between heroes and law enforcement for the first time in O'Ville City. Most heroes are deputized by the law to work together and abide by a certain code. This is why you won't really see the cops going after heroes for working outside the law. There still are some who do just that, Brute Squad comes to mind, but there's also those who the police and government really don't pay much mind to either way like our boy Nite Stick here. Sure he helps out but isn't really someone they're worried about bringing on board. At least not yet. I'm sure one day if he keeps working at it he will reach that level for sure!

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NeilKapit February 24, 2020 edit delete reply
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