Job Interview

January 19, 2020 in One Shot
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Job Interview
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Author Notes:

The Pen January 19, 2020 edit delete
The Pen
"Job Interview" - The key to a good hero is being able to blend in with the scum of the city to acquire the info and details you need to take down an operation. Here we see Nite Stick doing his best at it. Now one could say maybe he should have left his suit at home. Maybe he should have used less obvious surveillance equipment. I don't know I'm not a cop. But then again maybe the gangster should wear a less obstructive hat. In any case I can say this, Nite Stick has a pretty good gangster name.

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Flushmaster January 21, 2020 edit delete reply
Seems legit. I've had job interviews that were less discerning. Weren't for particularly great jobs, but a guy's gotta eat...