COH Secret Santa 2019

January 5, 2020 in One Shot
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COH Secret Santa 2019
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The Pen January 5, 2020 edit delete
The Pen
"COH Secret Santa 2019" - For some special Christmas bonus here is my submission to the Collective Of Heroes Secret Santa. It was about this time last year than I joined the COH so I missed out on taking part in it then so this is my first chance to spread some hero holiday cheer to a fellow member. And wouldn't ya know it, I just so happen to have drawn the same comic I drew for this year's Secret Satan, Vanguard! So I just couldn't help myself but to continue the story between Nite Stick and Pendragon while also showing Nite Stick's limited understanding of England. Look it was a tough choice between a gift having something to do with Harry Potter or beans, and well beans are just funny. Especially the MR. kind! So Happy Holidays to Dan from Vanguard and all of your readers, I hope you enjoy!

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