Issue 9: Page 8

December 26, 2019 in Issue 9
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Issue 9: Page 8
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The Pen December 26, 2019 edit delete
The Pen
"Issue 9: Page 8" - After conquering the darkness of Dark XMas Magic thanks to the help of the power from pure Christmas Spirit all the damage Peppermiser had caused was undone which means the Turbo Titans of the world have returned! Nite Stick was a hero who stuck to his word and he made sure that come Christmas morning Little Billy got his Turbo Titan action figure. Judging by those Rankin And Bass claymation style eyes I would say it meant the world to Billy, and probably Nite Stick too. Because Christmas may not be about expensive gifts but it is about spreading some cheer!

Lastly I just want to say I hope everyone had a wonderful and safe Christmas! Thank you everyone again for reading and being a part of Nite Stick over the last year and a half or so. We are almost finished with our second Christmas special issue and with all your support there will be more to come!

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