Issue 9: Page 6

December 19, 2019 in Issue 9
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Issue 9: Page 6
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The Pen December 19, 2019 edit delete
The Pen
"Issue 9: Page 6" - So I am not really sure how familiar some of you may be with the Krampus, so just in case some may not know who he is let me explain quickly. Krampus is sort of the evil version of Santa that originated in I believe Germany. Basically instead of just getting coal in their stocking as us Americans were told, naughty children would be visited by the Krampus and stuffed into a giant sack where they would be taken back to his lair and beaten with some kind of reed. Traditionally he is depicted as a horned half man half goat creature with the bottom part being the goat. Here I went with a more shadow design of the creature because first I thought it looked cool and also because as the embodiment of dark magic I thought it made sense. If this all sounds up your alley I highly recommend the Krampus movie with is really great and actually a solid Christmas movie.

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shaneoid December 20, 2019 edit delete reply
As a fan of bad puns, I approve!
The Pen December 20, 2019 edit delete reply
The Pen
Then are you ever in the right place!
Flushmaster December 20, 2019 edit delete reply
Do the stick-e bombs stick to things, or do they just explode on contact, meaning you have to hit something with them to make them work, like a stick?

And even with his new toys, will Nite Stick's response to "What are your powers" still be "I have a stick?"
The Pen December 20, 2019 edit delete reply
The Pen
The new Stick-E bombs can stick to surfaces, explode on impact, or be set to detonate. I honestly made them just for the sticky bomb pun.

Nite Stick still has no powers but will have a few new toys to play with thanks to his tech nerd friend Steve who now makes him gadgets. His stick however is still his go to and favored source of combat.