Issue 9: Page 5

December 15, 2019 in Issue 9
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Issue 9: Page 5
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The Pen December 15, 2019 edit delete
The Pen
"Issue 9: Page 5" - Boy does Peppermiser know how to hold a grudge or what? Last year he tried kidnapping Santa to throw him off of a roof and this year he is upsetting all the children of the world to kill off Christmas spirit AND Santa! Because you see kids Santa needs the power of Christmas spirit to keep him and the holiday alive. When one goes, so does the other. There is no bigger challenge to this than the power of Dark XMas magic. This purely evil magic exists only to try to destroy the light of Christmas spirit. Now that Peppermiser has learned to not only harness this power but use it to control the Krampus as well, then Christmas is in for it's biggest challenge ever. No pressure guys.

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Flushmaster December 18, 2019 edit delete reply
What happened to Nite Stick's arms in the last panel?

And is it just me or has the last few years had a resurgence of popular awareness of the Krampus tradition? Even though, unless I am mistaken, the original legend doesn't have him as a villain but a nasty man/creature that nobody tries to stop because he only punishes naughty little brats that deserve to be hit with sticks and chained up and dumped in the woods.
The Pen December 20, 2019 edit delete reply
The Pen
this question has been brought up a few times to me already so hopefully I can explain it for everyone reading this in teh future wondering.

Sometime with Nite Stick when he's in an extreme state of shock I try doing a super cartoony look where he's so out stretched that his arms basically blend straight into the side of his body. I've done it before and think I portrayed that better than I did here because he's really not very stretched and elongated.