Issue 9: Page 3

December 8, 2019 in Issue 9
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Issue 9: Page 3
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Author Notes:

The Pen December 8, 2019 edit delete
The Pen
"Issue 9: Page 3" - You can probably tell by now that this year's issue has some elements from the holiday hit classic film, Jingle All The Way. There are A LOT of great holiday tropes in the hero world, like how last year I had Nite Stick save Santa himself. But with this year I wanted that timeless hot Christmas toy chase but with a little twist. Also doesn't Turbo Titan sound like a pretty bad ass toy? I know I'd want one.

Also this strip here is a perfect example of some changes I wanted to make that I dropped the ball on in the beginning. When I first made up Captain Hybrid not only was he my Superman type hero but he was going to be the embodiment of the golden age. The way he spoke, the way he heroed, the catch phrases, the upbeat attitude, but somewhere along the line I just stopped doing that. If you go back you can see hints of it in his first few appearances but then he kind of became more of the stern mentor type to Nite Stick. So now that we have the fresh coat of paint I am excited to explore that with him once again!

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