Issue 9: Page 1

December 1, 2019 in Issue 9
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Issue 9: Page 1
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The Pen December 1, 2019 edit delete
The Pen
"Issue 9: Page 1" - Welcome to the official start of Issue #9 and the first arch to introduce the new Nite Stick. Again just in case you missed it earlier after the last issue the effects of multiverse hopping has caused some changes to the world of Nite Stick. As it says here it's nothing real major and everything else before this is still canon. I am just using this as a jumping on point to update the layout, advance my art style, and do some things with the characters that I either meant to do or feel now will open up new tropes and cliches to explore. Not only that, but it's also my favorite issue of the entire year, the Christmas Special! Oh what sort of holiday adventure is the Sticked Crusader in for this year? Stay tuned to find out!

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Flushmaster December 3, 2019 edit delete reply
Any new world that includes sfx like FACEKICK has my approval.