Issue 8: Page 11

November 22, 2019 in Issue 8
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Issue 8: Page 11
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The Pen November 22, 2019 edit delete
The Pen
"Issue 8: Page 11" - This will wrap up the guest story from Corey Kramer over at Wonder Weenies for us. I really can't thank him enough for the contribution he made to this issue for me. So please everyone go look this man up on social media, give him a follow, and read his wonder comic. Before we go I have to mention my favorite part of Wonder Weenies, Murrey. A lot of web comics have that idiot character. The one who never gets anything and always does something stupid to make things difficult for everyone else. It's a trope as old as time. But Corey does it the best with Murrey. His running joke of Murrey never getting anyone's name right but some how coming close never gets old to me and usually gets the best laughs. I didn't think he would be my favorite when I started reading but boy did he ever. Also a major honorable mention to my other favorite part, the Weird Al references. I am a big Weird Al fan ever since a kid and he couldn't sneak by any song or UHF reference by me and I enjoy every one of them. So thank you again Corey for everything and everyone be sure to check his work out!

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Hogan December 31, 2019 edit delete reply
"Purge the Surge" could actually become the name of a cool band :)