Issue 8: Page 9

November 19, 2019 in Issue 8
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Issue 8: Page 9
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The Pen November 19, 2019 edit delete
The Pen
"Issue 8: Page 9" - Next up on our crossover event comes from Corey Kramer over at Wonder Weenies! Corey is yet another comic creator who was very welcoming to me when I got back in the web comic game. If you haven't read his comic first what the hell man?! Then second I highly enjoy it and recommend it. For those of you who have not the comic is about a group of heroes who were genetically transformed after a freak hot dog firer accident. You can kind of see where it's going from there. The team of three heroes who's powers include hair manipulation, fire creation, and regeneration from being a human hot dog, become the official mascot super squad for the Wonder Weenies restaurant and battle former franchise mascots with an evil vendetta. It's great so make sure to check it out. Also he got mad bonus points for calling Nite Stick Moon Knight!

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Hogan December 31, 2019 edit delete reply
Someone is balancing the edge of the "All superheroes who does crossovers need to fight it out first"-thrope :-)