Issue 8: Page 4

November 10, 2019 in Issue 8
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Issue 8: Page 4
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The Pen November 10, 2019 edit delete
The Pen
"Issue 8: Page 4" - The next guest strip of the issue is the first part of 4 and come to us from Shane Rivett from Heroes Of The World And Beyond, or HOTWAB as I enjoy calling it. Like I said my friends at the CoH went above and beyond and Shane here is prime example here. He sent me 4 strips worth of a story that has several heroes of his all done is his high detailed art style. Shane has created such a massive world of heroes that he needed a whole second comic run just to make all the stories he has in his head. Most importantly to me, Shane was the first guy in the comic world when I got back into it to welcome me and be super cool to me. He's supported everything that I have made and always helps promote everyone and their work. So please give his awesome comic a read and support a great hard working comic artist!

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shaneoid November 11, 2019 edit delete reply
Hey thanks bud. I support Nite Stick cause he's awesome. So many great laughs. Keep it up!
The Pen November 12, 2019 edit delete reply
The Pen
You sir are too kind!
Hogan December 31, 2019 edit delete reply
He is getting to know the important things in a new world first! XD