COH Secret Satan 2019

November 1, 2019 in One Shot
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COH Secret Satan 2019
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The Pen November 1, 2019 edit delete
The Pen
"COH Secret Satan 2019" - As a special bonus Halloween treat to go with yesterday's Halloween Special Strip, today I am posting my contribution to the Collective Of Heroes Secret Satan Halloween Crossover event. You know the COH, the fancy banner I have down at the bottom that shows off a collection of awesome super hero web comics for you to enjoy. If not, I suggest going and checking the Collective out! But in any case each year the team comes together and in honor of the holiday everyone gets selected a fellow comic to draw up a special guest strip for. This is my first year being a part of it and I was given Vanguard. I wracked my brain for days on what I could do with Nite Stick cosplaying as one of the serious and well rendered Vanguard heroes. Finally I remembered how I've been wanting to do an Issue with Britain's wild cryptid Spring Heeled Jack and then it all came together. If you're unfamiliar with the demon man just be careful looking him up. While he is a zany and funny tale of a cryptid he does have the fondness of doing things that are most inappropriate. So I hope Dan at Vanguard and all of you enjoy my crossover splash page and for more information on Spring Heeled Jack check out the Last Podcast on the Left episode on British cryptids!

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