Punch Line

October 25, 2019 in Issue 7
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Punch Line
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Author Notes:

The Pen October 25, 2019 edit delete
The Pen
"Punch Line" - Psygore is not happy at all about yet another loss at the hands of Gaijin Guard and Nite Stick. I mean can you blame him? The whole trying to take over the world bit aside the poor guy just lost at every turn and just when it looked like he had a chance a staff to the bum blew it all up. What worse is The Nerd is not phased at all. Because if the Power Rangers taught us anything is that the villain repeats these steps again and again 5 nights a week and maybe one day they get a special multi-parter where they ALMOST win a little. At least The Nerd knows what he's talking about.

Also to no one's surprise it turns out that super secrete evil lair was just The Nerd's mom's basement.

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shaneoid October 25, 2019 edit delete reply
Well, this cheered me up, thanks!