What A Twist

October 4, 2019 in Issue 7
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What A Twist
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Author Notes:

The Pen October 4, 2019 edit delete
The Pen
"What A Twist" - The day is finally here! The Ultra Gaijin Guard's identity is finally revealed and much to the surprise of NO ONE it's Derek. Yeah, I've seen a few comments from people saying "That's him! I know Derek is the Gaijin Guard!" I would try and throw them off his trail by mentioning the multitude of other new characters to pop up in red colored shirts but it was to no avail, we all knew who it was. And that's just how I planned it!

Yes the ultimate of Power Ranger tropes is the colored outfits. "How can no one know they're Power Rangers when they always wear their colors?!" Well, Granpa has no answer for you there. Other than no one noticed. In the Japanese Sentai series they are based on the Rangers always wear colored civilian uniforms when not morphed and I think that just carried over to kids wearing their colored clothes. So when Tommy started wearing white instead of Green we all kinda knew who the new White Ranger was.

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Flushmaster October 5, 2019 edit delete reply
It wasn't the red that triggered my dormant MMPR logic, but the combination of the red and the ponytail. The hair is important.

Now I'm wondering what kind of zord he has. I'm hoping for a kangaroo just because it's weird. Or maybe a monkey. Monkeys are always fun.
The Pen October 5, 2019 edit delete reply
The Pen
With a giant monster stomping around the city I would imagine we won't be waiting long to find out!