As Seen On TV

September 23, 2019 in Issue 7
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As Seen On TV
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The Pen September 23, 2019 edit delete
The Pen
"As Seen On TV" - Back at the super secret evil lair of super secret evil, Psygore is clearly upset over the recent retreat of their monster Powzer. The Nerd tries to smooth things over by assuring him that now only is this all part of the formula but now the best part comes next. That's right, the super giant evil monster to destroy even more of the city! You would think Psygore would be happier about this plan but he's just having a hard time following the many steps that lead to this moment instead of starting off with it.

Now to get back on my nerdy soap box here for a moment, one of the biggest gripes I have heard from non Ranger fans for YEARS is the whole "Why don't the Rangers just start with their giant robots when the monster is small?" Or on the other hand, "Why doesn't Rita just make the monster big to begin with?" Well children, ol grand pa-pa is gonna learn ya some again. You see Rita doesn't start with the giant monster because her plans try to break apart the Rangers or their powers before hand in some way because well they always win in the end Zord or no Zord. More importantly the answer to why the Rangers don't start off with the Zords, in the very first episode Zordon lays out the 3 rules of being a Ranger. One of which is "You never escalate a battle." Which means they fight the putties as civilians, they only morph when the monster shows up, and they only call their Zords when the monster grows. There, boom! Now you all know.

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