Seeing Red

September 20, 2019 in Issue 7
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Seeing Red
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Author Notes:

The Pen September 20, 2019 edit delete
The Pen
"Seeing Red" - We are once again back at the Tap Cave as Nite Stick has a heart to heart with the Captain. The Stick Crusader is still learning the ways of being a hero but it sure was a blow to the ego to get bounced around like that only to be saved by some unknown hero. The Captain tries to lighten the mood but Nite Stick isn't having it. Don't worry Stick Boy, there's plenty of time to redeem yourself still!

The thing about Captain Hybrid is while he has become the mentor figure to Nite Stick, being there to discuss what happened or even help give some advice, he's rarely there in the heat of battle. This isn't because he doesn't care to help it's just that Captain is an A-List hero in O'Ville City is just isn't around much as he's often off dealing with larger threats with other top tier heroes. But he still helps out the best that he can with his friend!

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NeilKapit September 20, 2019 edit delete reply
Curse you superior part of the spectrum! This series is funny and brings my joy.
The Pen September 20, 2019 edit delete reply
The Pen
Thank you! Glad to hear you enjoy it and thank you for reading!
shaneoid September 20, 2019 edit delete reply
Captain Hybrid may look good in red, but what's his skills like with a stick? Hmm? HMM?
The Pen September 20, 2019 edit delete reply
The Pen
It takes a special kind of person to be as handy with a stick! Sure Captain Hybrid can fly but how's that gonna help your town's stick ball team?!