Day Of The Dumpster

July 29, 2019 in Issue 7
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Day Of The Dumpster
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Author Notes:

The Pen July 29, 2019 edit delete
The Pen
"Day Of The Dumpster" - Well look who's back! When we last saw Psygore he was blasting off in an escape pod to get away from Nite Stick, Orange Jewel, and dozens of Earth's heroes. But now he's back on earth and down in the dumps. What does this evil alien invader have planned on his quest to conquer Earth? Will he ever get the stench of trash off of himself? All these questions and more will be answered soon!

This strip's title is a bit of an obvious reference but for you younger folk who grew up with a different generation of Rangers I will explain. The first episode of MMPR where we are introduced to the Rangers and villains is called Day Of The Dumpster. Because for some reason that's what they call the barrel that Rita is imprisoned in. I thought it would be very fitting given Psygore's return and him crashing in a literal dumpster.

Also next month on August 6th Nite Stick will be turning one! To celebrate his birthday Nite Stick is asking for all of you to share some fan art. So no matter who you draw or how please send us your fan art so we can share it here August 6th to celebrate. You can find all the info in the site's Blog Section.

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