Protein Shake

July 8, 2019 in Issue 6
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Protein Shake
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Author Notes:

The Pen July 8, 2019 edit delete
The Pen
"Protein Shake" - There was a lot of craziness going on that night at the Town Hall when Captain Davis quit the force, Liz is just now starting to wonder what ever came of that Brute Squad fellow. By the looks of it I would say he always gets his man in the end! Speaking of the end, this brings up the the conclusion of Issue #6! 6 months, 2 parts, and 30 some odd pages later we are finally here. Thank you everyone for reading and I hope you enjoyed it.

With that said I just want to remind everyone that starting today and until we start Issue #7 in a couple weeks you can get a sneak peak at what you will be in store for by voting for Nite Stick on Top Web Comics. The link is listed at the top of the page just click vote and then confirm your vote on the page. There you will be awarded with the special Coming Soon graphic. So go, vote now, and vote every day to help us out! We appreciate the help!