Wrapped Up

July 1, 2019 in Issue 6
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Wrapped Up
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Author Notes:

The Pen July 1, 2019 edit delete
The Pen
"Wrapped Up" - Huh? Well how about that? At the very last second before all hell breaks loose on the steps of the O'Ville City Hall building Capt. Davis ends it all himself! What luck for Nite Stick, because he was just cleared of the charges, got rid of Capt. Davis, and avoided bloodshed without having to do a thing. Although I suppose all that stress he put on himself was for nothing. Some how I get the feeling Brute Squad is more upset about missing his shot.

This isn't the end of Issue #6 yet though. We still have a couple more strips to go which will wrap up next Monday. Issue #7 will be kicking off later this month and be sure to keep voting for us on TWC because there is where you will be able to get a sneak peak at what that issue will be about as an incentive!