Comictober 2020 Day 8

by The Pen
#Comictober2020 Day 8 - Potion. Boy they'll just let anybody into Hogwarts these days. Who else is surprised Nite Stick was put into Gryffindor and not Hufflepuff?

Comictober 2020 Day 7

by The Pen
#Comictober2020 Day 7 - Shark. There's nothing scarier than when real life becomes the horror movie.

Comictober 2020 Day 6

by The Pen
#Comictober2020 Day 6 - Forbidden Room. I like to think Nite Stick has a secret room filled with donuts like Scrooge McDuck's money vault. And yes Nite Stick dives into his donuts.

Comictober 2020 Day 5

by The Pen
#Comictober2020 Day 5 - Twist. There was a lot of bad twist endings to chose from but with Devil it seems like there were better ways to go.

Comictober 2020 Day 4

by The Pen
#Comictober2020 Day 4 - Black Cat. I mean every day is Black Cat day when Side Kick is around. We even dressed him up to show maximum effort!

Comictober 2020 Day 3

by The Pen
#Comictober2020 Day 3 - Jump Scare. Don't get me wrong, they're still some pretty fun games to watch but the scares just don't have the same impact they once did.

Comictober 2020 Day 2

by The Pen
#Comictober2020 Day 2 - Seasonal. I love Christmas. Nite Stick loves Christmas. But there are rules. Enjoy Halloween first then November 1st we can begin Christmas oogeling.

Comictober 2020 Day 1

by The Pen
I'm a day late but last minute I decided to give a themed art challenge a try again. I decided to go with #Comictober2020 created by some of my favorite webcomic artist. Day 1 is werewolf.

RIP Animal

by The Pen
Here is the fan art tribute I did for Road Warrior Animal after hearing of his passing. I own countless Zubaz. Shoulder shrugs in the gym were always Road Warrior shrugs. And I always lost my mind when I heard OOOOH WHAT A RUSH! You can watch this art's speed drawing video by clicking here.


Batsona 2020

by The Pen
It wouldn't be BatmanDay without a Nite Stick Batsona drawing! Here's an updated BTAS version of Bat Stick!

Batman Day 2020 Fan Art

by The Pen
Happy Batman Day! Here's some Batman Fanart in the style of my favorite live action Batman, Michael Keaton.

Raven Birthday Fan Art

by The Pen
Some fan art for one of the most influential wrestlers of my career on his birthday, Raven!

Watch the speed drawing video for it now by clicking
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