About The Comic: Nite Stick is a web comic about an average man trying to become an above average hero. Starring a man without any super powers, high tech robotic suits, or magical abilities, Nite Stick is new to the world of crime fighting and armed only with his bo staff stick weapon he takes to the streets to become the hero O'Ville City never knew they needed. Along the way Nite Stick will learn what it takes to be that hero as he is helped out by more experienced super heroes from around the city and beyond. A light-hearted take on the world of comic books Nite Stick likes to use our favorite time tested cliches and story elements to tell an enjoyable tale of super heroics and every day life of a lovable hero.

About The Creator: I started drawing Nite Stick in August of 2018. Comic books and web comics have both been a large passion of mine for a long long time. I have tried my hands at the web comic world a few times before but decided to give it a try one more time. Mostly as something for me to do to unwind and relax because whenever things get too crazy in life I could always fall into the world of comics as an escape. So having something that meant so much to me I wanted to create my own world, my own stories, and my own comic to escape to. While I did start all this for my own enjoyment it is my hope that as I am going others will find it and discover a small bit of enjoyment in what I have created.