Q: What is your comic's update schedule?
A: Nite Stick is updated with a new comic strip every Monday, usually set to go up right at 12 AM.

Q: Why are some of your comics in black and white and others in color?
A: I started out doing black and white thinking it would make things quicker and easier. But then I started doing the same amount of work as I would with colors so I finished the first issue in all black and white then switched to color after that.

Q: Why does your comic art suck?
A: Because I suck at drawing. Give me time and let's hope it improves as we go.

Q: What's the deal with Nite Stick's head?
A: He wears a mask with big goggles that some how change with his facial expressions.

Q: How are there spoof characters and the actual characters in the same world together?
A: Nite Stick exists in a unique world where all the famous heroes we know and love do exist as real people but also have spoof/knock off versions of them running around as well. Clearly the spoofs are the B Team while the real deals are the A Team.

Q: What set up do you use to make your comics?
A: I do my drawing and line work with my Wacom Intus tablet using the GIMP program and then color and put the strip together in Paint Sho Pro.

Q: I find myself enjoying your comic and would like to support. How can I do such a thing?
A: A great question! While Nite Stick will always be a free to read web comic any support to help us grow is greatly appreciated. Currently we do have a Ko-Fi account set up where anyone wanting to help us out can do so there for just the price of a cup of coffee!

Q: How long does it take to make a comic strip?
A: Creating a strip start to finish can take anywhere from a couple of hours to about 4 or 5 depending on the detail of the work. With a full time job also taking up time I tend to stretch this time out over a few days. Free weekends are when I try and get as much done as possible.

Q: Why did you reboot the comic and split the archive up?
A: When i started Nite Stick I was drawing on paper with pencil and a sharpie and editing the drawings from photos I took on my phone. Over the year I advanced to completely digital and began improving my art. Eventually I wanted to do things like improve the comic's presentation with new colors, designs, and a more comic book page sized panel. Using the ultimate comic book trope of a reset/reboot I used the Into the Collectiverse issue to hot start these changes. While everything I had done prior is still canon and no major changes outside of appearences were changed I split the archives to allow new readers to either read from the point of updated changes or go back to the classics and get the entire story while seeing the style evolution over time.