Issue 9: Page 4

posted December 13, 2019

Issue 9: Page 4

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December 13, 2019

The Pen

"Issue 9: Page 4" - This strip was something different for me as far as drawing it out went. I don't think up until this point have I had most of the comic be made up of backgrounds and settings. When I pictured Nite Stick and Captain Hybrid's trek through the South Pole I imagined it like scenes from Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. So I wanted mountains of snow and winds blowing flakes around while you see them as shadowy figures. Which was another challenge to make them look distinguished as shadows. I drew up the scenes and backdrops with little focus on characters and I am really pleased with how it came out. Especially how I was able to also capture that dark wintery Christmas feel with the shadows and colors.

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December 18, 2019


I thought two boobs is good luck, and one means a cancer survivor...

And I thought the second half of the candy corn joke even as I was reading it, so that made me laugh and feel clever at the same time.

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