O'Ville S.O.S.

October 11, 2019 in Issue 7
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O'Ville S.O.S.
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Author Notes:

The Pen October 11, 2019 edit delete
The Pen
"O'Ville S.O.S." - Oh it's on now! Two gigantic beasts of technology and flesh from two different worlds are about to clash in epic fashion with millions of lives at stake! Yeah, sounds pretty epic when you put it that way doesn't it?! So today's strip is pretty much a splash page instead of a normal multi-paneled one. I thought it would just look really cool having the Mechbot and giant sized Powzer squaring up right before the fight, all arcade tournament fighter style!

Nite Stick's line at the end there is reference to the American editing process for Power Rangers from the Super Sentai footage. The scene will be taking place in a park, high school, or down town and then suddenly when the zords show up they are fighting in a desert canyon far away from the city. Even as a kid I was wondering how that happened. I just assumed they teleported away with the monster to save people from being hurt in the fight. But then next week their fighting in the city falling on top of buildings. Sometimes I think way too much about a show with colored spandex wearing teens fighting alien monsters.

One last thing before I go, these last two strips here is when I started trying new ways of putting together the comic so they looks a little off from the rest. I quickly got the hang of it though and I think the new way helps make the comic look better in the end so please bare with me here for a couple weeks!

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