Random Hero Generator In My Style: The Flash

by The Pen
I've been wanting to try and do more heros in my own comic style so I've been using a Random Hero Generator to give me a hero to draw. My latest one being The Flash. Going to keep doing more of these to try and improve the style


Special Nite Stick-ers Offer!

by The Pen
You can now help support Nite Stick for the price of a cup of coffee on our Ko-fi account! The first 10 supporters will receive a Nite Stick-er as a thank you! Just include your address in the transaction! Nite Stick is continuing to learn and grow so if you are a fan of what we are doing here please think about helping us out. Any and all support is highly appreciated! Thank you!

You can visit our page and help us out at


Green Lantern Sketch

by The Pen
My recent Wacom sketch. Attempted Hal Jordan and tried that texture and shading style again which I'm really liking. This one is more my comic style as I used less of a reference with this one.


Punisher Season 2

by The Pen
The northeast was hit with a massive blizzard over the weekend, but that was ok because I planned on staying in the whole weekend watching Punisher season 2. By Sunday night I finished all 13 episodes and I enjoyed it. Like season 1 I wish there was more Punisher in it but it was still a solid story and a good take on the charecter. The final moments of the last episode were the best of the season and leaves me really needing a third season. I don't care if it's on Disney+ or Netflix, just make it happen and give me full blown Punisher start to finish!

That Ghostbusters 3 Trailer

by The Pen
I heard the rumors, I saw some news posts, then I saw the trailer. If you're a fan of the remake, that is perfectly fine, but I can't wait to see what comes of Ghostbusters 3 and hope it has some of what made it so good to begin with.


Batman and Beyond

by The Pen
Recently the interwebs were all a flutter with the year 2019 being the year Bruce Wayne gave up being Batman after almost using a gun on a goon getting the better of him. Between that, Batman Beyond's anniversary, and me FINALLY getting DC Universe, here are some Batman sketch attempts.

Birthday Bash

by The Pen

The last few days were spread out with celebrating my birthday with friends and family. Today marks my actual date of birth and closes out a great time of food, family, and fun. I really appreciate everyone who helped make it be the best it could be!


Thank You Stan Lee

by The Pen

Been thinking all day on how to express my thoughts on the passing of Stan Lee. He has created a world I could always count on and characters who have meant as much to me as some friends. Thank you for being a part of my life and inspiring me to create something myself. #RIPStanLee


Inktober Week #5

by The Pen

Inktober Week #5. Out of the comics world and into the cinema. To celebrate today's big Halloween Movie release here's the king of the slashers and my personal favorite, Michael Myers.


Inktober Week #4

by The Pen

Today's inking for Inktober Week is of my favorite Lantern, Guy Gardner. I mixed him as a Green and Red Lantern, Red being my favorite, but I wasn't too thrilled with how it came out overall in the end. I kind of rushed a little bit being pressed for time, but still I suppose the idea of this is to try new things and learn.


Inktober Week #3

by The Pen

#Inktober Week No. 3, a Black n White inking of a (anti) hero who's been a favorite of mine a long long long time, Frank Castle himself, The Punisher.


Inktober Week #2

by The Pen

#Inktober Week sketch number 2. Used some color ink this time and went with some DC inspired art this time with one of my all time favorites, Nightwing.


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