Inktober Week #5

by The Pen

Inktober Week #5. Out of the comics world and into the cinema. To celebrate today's big Halloween Movie release here's the king of the slashers and my personal favorite, Michael Myers.


Inktober Week #4

by The Pen

Today's inking for Inktober Week is of my favorite Lantern, Guy Gardner. I mixed him as a Green and Red Lantern, Red being my favorite, but I wasn't too thrilled with how it came out overall in the end. I kind of rushed a little bit being pressed for time, but still I suppose the idea of this is to try new things and learn.


Inktober Week #3

by The Pen

#Inktober Week No. 3, a Black n White inking of a (anti) hero who's been a favorite of mine a long long long time, Frank Castle himself, The Punisher.


Inktober Week #2

by The Pen

#Inktober Week sketch number 2. Used some color ink this time and went with some DC inspired art this time with one of my all time favorites, Nightwing.


Inktober Week #1

by The Pen

It was my hope to try and take part of the whole #Inktober challenge this month but that goal just kept slipping away from me each day. So while I may have missed my chance to do the entire month I am going to aim small this year and try a solid week of ink drawings. Starting off with #Inktober Week with my first inking of one of my favorite heroes, Moon Knight!



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