RIP Animal

by The Pen
Here is the fan art tribute I did for Road Warrior Animal after hearing of his passing. I own countless Zubaz. Shoulder shrugs in the gym were always Road Warrior shrugs. And I always lost my mind when I heard OOOOH WHAT A RUSH! You can watch this art's speed drawing video by clicking here.


Batsona 2020

by The Pen
It wouldn't be BatmanDay without a Nite Stick Batsona drawing! Here's an updated BTAS version of Bat Stick!

Batman Day 2020 Fan Art

by The Pen
Happy Batman Day! Here's some Batman Fanart in the style of my favorite live action Batman, Michael Keaton.

Raven Birthday Fan Art

by The Pen
Some fan art for one of the most influential wrestlers of my career on his birthday, Raven!

Watch the speed drawing video for it now by clicking

Draw Your Outfit

by The Pen

JAZZA Ultimate Character Design

by The Pen
Character design using the Jazz's Arty Games app. Speed drawing video is up now on the Nite Stick Youtube channel so check it out now!

Watch the speed drawing video by clicking here!

I Stand

by The Pen
When I created Nite Stick I had myself in mind for his personality. There has been moments showing him to be white, but the point of him has always been that anyone could be the hero. Now's the time for everyone to be that hero & stand together for whats right! 

The Sticked Ranger

by The Pen
So I've been playing a lot of #RDR2 recently. Like A LOT! I just started playing it and love it. Like most things customizable I like to model my character after Nite Stick which lead me to this, The Sticked Ranger!


by The Pen
I don't know much about Sailor Moon but my wife & my sister sure do. So for those very few people wondering what Sailor Moon looked like in the Stickerverse, here is my #SailorMoonRedraw!

Green Lantern 80

by The Pen
Happy big 80th Anniversary to the OG Green Lantern Alan Scott! Thank you for creating one of my favorite comic lines in all of DC Comics and comics period!


by The Pen
A tear in space & time has lead 2 teams of heroes from 2 different Earth's to come head to head in what will be a battle for the multiverse! My finished #ArtBattlePopCross art for Pop Cross Studios!

Dee Fan Art

by The Pen
Back to doing some more drawing & getting used to the new tablet, so here's some #FanArtFriday of the hot tempered Wonder Weenie Dee created by Corey Kramer!

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