2019 Halloween Icon

by The Pen
It's that time of year again! The leaves are almost changing, there's a slight chill in the air, and pumpkin spice everything is taking over. We are half way into September so it is officially Halloween season! That means it's time for the holiday media icon. This year I went with my all time favorite horror movie slasher icon Michael Myers. Wasn't a lot to work with in terms of traits to carry over into it but I did my best to make the head/mask the same type of shape as Nite Stick's. But in any case here it is!

DC Universe Fan Art

by The Pen
The DC Universe wanted people to share and tag their Batman art for the app's anniversary and upcoming Batman Day. So I thought I would join in.

Pop Cross Submission - Side Kick

by The Pen
My submission for this month's Pop Cross Animation #CommunityRedraw episode. The theme is original sidekicks and mine is Starry Night, a side kick for Nightwing. The sidekick for the world's greatest sidekick is his daughter with Starfire who was born with her mother's alien DNA and powers and the acrobatics training from her father. I'm real happy with how this one turned out especially not being that great at drawing females!

Maybe Next Month

by The Pen
My reimagined Moon Knight didn't get picked for the Pop Cross Annimantion community redraw this week. Maybe next month! But it was still really cool seeing my work posted up in the video so big thank you for that! He's the 4th one in the top row!

Non Action Pose

by The Pen
Just some Nite Stick pose drawing. He's pretty chill for a man in spandex.

Pop Cross Submission

by The Pen
This is a piece I did as a submission to Pop Cross Animations for his Community Redraw videos. The theme is Hero Redesigns so I went with one of my favorites Moon Knight. In this universe Marc Spector died at the feet of a statue of Arch Angel Michael instead of Khonshu. He's given life again as a part of Michael's Blue Lightning Angels and is the protector of night time travelers. His outfit is based off of the Knights Templar.

Spidersona : Spider-Stick

by The Pen
I know I'm late to the party but I'm trying to work on my brushes, poses, and shading so I thought a #Spidersona would be great to try. Say hello to Spider-Stick!

Nite Stick Year 1 Fan Art

by The Pen
In honor of the comic's first year anniversary we asked anyone to send in to us some fan art and we got some really great ones! Here are larger sized versions for you to enjoy that were featured in the special anniversary comic strip!
Again a huge thank you to Shane from HOTWAB comic, David from Ms Rocket, MaroonDrops on Twitter, elchompi12 on Instagram, and celticxp on Instagram for you amazing art!
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